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Rick Book

Dr. Rick Latin, the turf pathologist from Purdue University with over 35 years of research experience on fungicides for disease control, served as domain expert for Turfmetrics.

Rick wrote the book on turf fungicides - literally! This industry-leading resource illustrates Rick's knowledge of how fungicides work, why they work, and why sometimes they do not work.

Rick has conducted seminars on the nature of turf fungicides all over the globe and is a fixture at the national GCSAA educational event each year.

The breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience are programmed into the Turfmetrics application!

Combination Fungicide Calculator

Recreate any combination product used for turf disease control by simply selecting the product from the menu, entering an application rate (per M = 1,000 sq. ft.), and watching the equivalent amounts of single active ingredient fungicides (liquid and dry) instantly appear!

From the Expert

"Turfmetrics places unbiased, comprehensive, research-based information regarding fungicide performance in the hands of the superintendent. It simplifies the task of creating the best possible program for each individual golf course."

Rick Latin, Ph.D.

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Turfmetrics makes the task of building your fungicide program fast, efficient, and comprehensive - utilizing the latest unbiased research-based assessments of fungicide product performance. Check it out in the free trial, and then upgrade with your 2020 Season Pass, granting full access from the time of purchase through December 31, 2020, for only $595.

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From The Turfmetrics Blog

Turfmetrics Daily Disease Threat Assessment (DTA)
Tm dta iphone

The Turfmetrics Daily DTA is delivered via email every morning. It contains a 5-day outlook for Brown Patch, Pythium Blight, and Dollar spot threat assessments and is location-specific for each golf course or facility. It also includes weather...


Turfmetrics as a Tool
Turfmetrics tool 01 01

Just like any other tool in the shop, the Turfmetrics toolset will help you do a much better job in much less time! Creating a fungicide program to address turf disease issues on your course is complicated. No one program fits all courses - each...


SDHI Fungicides for Turf Disease Control
Sdhi table big

SDHI (Succinate DeHydrognenase Inhibitor) fungicides represent a broad class of compounds that reduce the capacity of some fungal pathogens to infect turf. All compounds within the SDHI class affect slightly different target sites in the succinate...


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