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Turfmetrics Daily Disease Threat Assessment (DTA)

    - 5-day outlooks emailed every morning
    - Brown Patch, Pythium Blight and Dollar Spot
    - Location-specific for each golf course

Turfmetrics Daily Disease Threat Assessment (DTA)

The Turfmetrics Daily DTA is delivered via email every morning. It contains a 5-day outlook for Brown Patch, Pythium Blight, and Dollar spot threat assessments and is location-specific for each golf course or facility. It also includes weather information and Growing Degree Days calculations.alt text

Look to the future, not the past

The most efficient and effective approaches to disease control are preventative, not curative. Unlike “explanatory” models, the Turfmetrics Daily DTA is “truly predictive” by incorporating weather forecasts to generate disease threat assessments up to five days into the future. Even if superintendents followed a prescribed fungicide application program, a forward-looking threat assessment will enable them to anticipate extremes in disease pressure and adjust their programs accordingly.

Science & technology

The Turfmetrics Daily DTA models for Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, and Pythium Blight have been developed, tested and refined for many years. Location-specific weather forecasts are incorporated into algorithms, and the Turfmetrics Daily DTAs are generated and conveniently delivered to clients’ phones every morning. http://www.turfmetrics.com/golf_course_clubs/new