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Combination Fungicide Calculator

Combination Products

Combination fungicides (products with two or more active ingredients in the same formulation) are designed to broaden the spectrum of activity of a given treatment, and to provide a higher degree of efficacy against individual turf pathogens—they attack multiple metabolic functions in target fungi thereby increasing overall treatment potency. Combination products are not entirely new, but the number of introductions into turf markets appears to be increasing each year. Furthermore, the combination products reflect industry’s recognition of tank mixes you use on a regular basis for disease control.

The Question

Superintendents often ask, “If I use a certain rate of a combination product, how much of each component fungicide will be applied?” The answer is a function of the active ingredients involved, formulations of the combination product and component products, and application rates for liquid and dry compounds. For anyone with the slightest bit of math-in-public anxiety, it is not a simple conversion.

Consider Concert II (or Concert), one of the first combination products available. It contains two active ingredients, chlorothalonil and propiconazole (a.i. for Daconil and Banner Maxx, respectively). If we apply 5.0 fl oz/M of Concert II, then how much Daconil and Banner Maxx will be applied? The answer is 3.03 oz/M of Daconil Ultrex (or 3.33 fl oz/M of Daconil WeatherStik) and 1.2 fl oz of Banner Maxx.

Now, Daconil and Banner Maxx command a premium price because they are “brand name” products. There are many “generic” products available with the same active ingredients (chlorothalonil or propiconazole), and the thought is to recreate the efficacy of 5.0 fl oz/M of Concert II with a custom tank mix of generic compounds at a significant reduction in cost!

You know your greens and tees and fairways best. You understand the diseases that threaten and the fungicides and (often) rates that consistently provide satisfactory control on your course. If you choose to spray a combination fungicide, selecting the most appropriate rate will depend on how much of each component product will be applied. The Turfmetrics Combination Fungicide Calculator will provide the component amounts with a single click.

The Answer

The Turfmetrics Combination Fungicide Calculator is just the tool for the job!

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To recreate the efficacy of any combination product used for turf disease control, simply select the product from the menu, then enter an application rate (per M = 1,000 sq. ft.), and watch the equivalent amounts of single active ingredient fungicides (liquid and dry) instantly appear!

Check it out here!