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Turfmetrics as a Tool

Just like any other tool in the shop, the Turfmetrics toolset will help you do a much better job in much less time!

Creating a fungicide program to address turf disease issues on your course is complicated. No one program fits all courses--each must be tailored to address individual course attributes, management style, and budget. Furthermore, even if you already take a program approach, there is always room for improvement as determined by the two essential elements that define every program—efficacy and economy.

Consider that there are 38 active ingredients available to turf markets in most states. Three of them (fluazinam=Secure, fluxapyroxad=Xzemplar, and penthiopyrad+Velista) were introduced recently—within the past 3 years. Additional combination products and generic formulations are being introduced continually. Do you have access to the best (unbiased) dataset regarding the efficacy of these compounds?

Creating a program takes time. Think of all the components—diseases, grass types, greens, tees, fairways, rough, range, 150 products, seasonal activity of turf pathogens, regulatory constraints, residual efficacy, fungicide resistance management, budget, and fungicide efficacy. Doing a thorough job and accounting for all essential factors can take lots of time…several days or more for just a single program.  The Turfmetrics program builder toolset allows you to tailor a program to your course in a fraction of the time. Furthermore, it allows you to examine different options (low, medium, and high budget), with generic and name brand products, and account for cost and efficacy!  It is so fast and easy you will want to build different programs with different products to compare costs and performance.

Consider the questions below. If the answer to each is not a resounding yes, then you owe it to yourself and your property to check out the Turfmetrics toolset. It is fast, intuitive, comprehensive, and based on the most current and accurate information available. There is a limited free trial. Check it out just to get a feel for the flow of the program and all of the useful features!

Ten questions to evaluate the effectiveness of your disease control program for 2016

1). Are you confident of the efficacy of fungicides against diseases on your course?

2). Are you confident about the efficacy of combination products?

3). Is the source of your information unbiased, and is it based on years of scientific study in the field and lab?

4). Are your chlorothalonil applications placed strategically to control disease, protect against resistance buildup, and remain within EPA restrictions?

5). Are you taking full advantage of the spectrum of activity of each fungicide against the range of diseases on your course?

6). Are you timing fungicides according to the seasonal activity of turf pathogens?

7). Do you have a good understanding of the residual activity of fungicide treatments?

8). Do you account for the reduction in disease pressure given by non-fungicidal plant health products?

9.) Can you adjust your program on the fly during the season - and track all changes?

10). Do you have access to true disease threat forecasts so that you can anticipate vulnerability and adjust application schedules accordingly?

Check it out!  www.turfmetrics.com